Photography gave me the chance to blend together two of my lifetime passions: Art, especially Classical Art, and the human body, with all the possible and non-conforming shapes.
I love portraying people, exploring their face expressions and their physical appeal, trying to fix on my photos what caught my attention of them.


Born in 1961, I was raised and still spending my life in Rome, Italy. 
I am a self-taught photographer. I started experimenting with photography during the summer of 1985, on my own, with a second hand analogical camera, some films, a photography manual and a block notes to annotate times and opening/closing of frames.

After years of just being guided by instinct and mistakes I decided in early spring of 2017 to take proper photographic lessons at Officine Fotografiche Roma and doing so to organize my random ideas and thoughts.

Some of my portraits have been featured in several international male photography magazines: NOISY RAIN (Mexico), MASCULAR (UK), FALO Magazine (Brasil)  Desert Heat Magazine USA),  Men Addicted (France), Beef (USA), Pride (Italy), Euro Bear (Germany), Kerle (Germany), AUT (Italy), Torazine (Italy); and have been exhibited in collective and personal exhibitions (Rome - “Of LOVERS and KINGS”, “V E L A R I A”, “Visioni senza filtro”, “Hairy”, “Cibo x Orsi-Food 4 Bears”,  Milan – “Portraits ofmodern Gentlemen”, Bologna – “American Beauty”, Bruxelles – “the BEARable lightness of being”, Palermo - “Works”).


I greatly admire the work of photographers like Peter Hujar, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts and Robert Mapplethorpe. Their portraits and nudes are the reasons why this voyage portraying human lives begun.


  • "GRAFIE del CORPO - Pratiche della fotografia e della performance" - Live Photography/Dance improvisation a cura di Samantha Marenzi  con Officine Fotografiche Roma e Ass. Cult. Le Decadi performer: Alessandra Cristiani - fotografie di : Nino Contese, Giovanni Elia, Cristina Latini, Luigi Marangio, Gianni Rauso, Stefano Scherma - presso Officine Fotografiche Roma , Roma, via Giuseppe Libetta 1 - 12, 13 e 14 gennaio 2024
  • "GRAFIE ITALIANE / Sei visioni fotografiche dell'Italia" - mostra collettiva presso Australian Catholic University - Roma - Largo Giovanni Berchet 4 - dal 2 dicembre 2023 al 30 maggio 2024
  • "Of LOVERS and KINGS - photographic fragments of memories 2009/2022" - presso Galleria Bar.lina - Roma -  Viale dello Scalo di San Lorenzo 49 - dal 27 maggio al 9 luglio 2023
  • "V E L A R I A" - progetto fotografico per Leica Camera Italia #Romachilometrozero - presso Leica Store - Roma - Via Due Macelli 57 - dal 23 novembre 2022 al 14 gennaio 2023
  • "duemiladodici/duemilasedici" - mostra fotografica per il mese del PRIDE di Roma - presso Libreria Antigone - Roma - via dei Piceni 1 - dal 1 al 30 giugno 2022
  • "SAME AS YOU - take II" - An on line collective exhibition curated by Igor Zeiger for Beamcollective.net  - Summer 2021 -
  • "Meraki" - fanzine (collective) da "Una stanza per sè" (2021) - Un laboratorio di autoritratto curato e diretto da Simona Ghizzoni in collaborazione con SPEX - The Self Portrait Experience -
  • "PRIDE by your side" - An on line exhibition of artists from all over the world, organized by FMB Art Gallery  Rome (collective) - summer 2021
  • "Curated" by Social Networks - An exhibition in protest of censorship of Human Body in Social Networks (collective) - summer 2020 - Beamcollective.net -
  • "A portrait in isolation" (collective on line) - spring 2020 - Mascularstudio.com
  • "Falloween /show us your dick" - photos by GianOrso & Pan Eros - november 2016 - Company Club (Rome)
  • “Visioni senza filtro (free mind in free body)” (collective) - april 2016 - Quirinetta (Rome).
  • "Falloween / show me your dick" - photos by GianOrso & Pan Eros - november 2015 - Company Club (Rome).
  • "Hairy Uncensored" (collective) - june2015 - Company Club (Rome).
  • "Hairy" (collective) - June 2015 - CaffèOppio (Rome).
  • “American Beauty” - November 2009 – Cassero“Heavy Fat Party” (Bologna) during the “Gender Bender”festival.
  • “Portraits of Modern Gentlemen” - June 2009 –Loft 21 (Milan).
  • “The BEARable lightness of being” - May 2006 –Cinema Nova (Bruxelles) during the “Pink Screen #5 AlternativeGender Film Festival.
  • ”“Cibo X Orsi – Food 4 Bears” - September 2002– Bookshop Babele (Rome).
  • “Works” - February/March 2002 – Bookshop AltroQuando (Palermo).
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